This Commercial Convinced Me to Buy an Electric Broom


For those who already know me and visit my blog once in a while, I bet there will be no surprise if I tell them I watch commercials because this is part of what I like to do. However, you should know that I am not watching commercials only for the fun of it, although some of them are fun, also for finding practical products that I can buy and make my life easier while using them.

Today, I am going to talk to you about a commercial I watched for the Dyson V8, a cordless electric broom that does a hell of a job inside any home. In case you did not know, Dyson takes its name after a British innovator and engineer that discovered the technology we use today in all the bagless vacuum cleaners out there. The design he invented allowed for more suction and more efficiency so that more allergens were removed from the air. Still, I am not here to nag you with all the bits and pieces of information inhabiting my head.


I must say that I was clearly determined to get myself an electric broom after I watched the commercial for the model I told you above. After I looked at the 1-minute commercial, I was like: “Is there anything that this electric broom cannot do?” Personally, I have always thought that a good vacuum cleaner must be large, cumbersome and it would require some struggling during use, or otherwise it may not do a good job. But the Dyson V8 commercial changed the way I felt about vacuum cleaners in general, and electric brooms in particular.


This model is cordless, so it means that you get to clean around, without stumbling on cables or having to plug and replug couple of times. I am quite adamant about having my cleaning task go uninterrupted, so this helps a lot with my annoyance levels. Also, this model has its recharging station where you dock it, and you can forget about it.


The above-mentioned features may be considered just conveniences, so I am going to go for the kill, and tell you what a fantastic cleaner this model is. It does everything. It cleans mess from hardwood floors, it deep cleans carpets, and it is great because of all its accessories. You will get a crevice tool and a special brush tool for cleaning pet hair and dander.


And this is still not all. The Dyson V8 can be turned into a handheld unit, and it comes with an extension so you can clean your home from the ceiling to the floor. The dirt cup empties through the bottom, so you don’t have to touch it. What else could you ask for?




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