DIY Cleaning Tips I Use Every Day

Having a clean home is vital, and I know that regularly spending money on cleaning supplies can be burdensome. I like bringing a little bit of DIY in my life and make use of every little thing I have around to save money and still maintain a beautiful, clean home. These are some of the DIY cleaning tips I use every day just for this purpose.

I make my cleaner! It is easy, and all you need is some baking soda. Just mix four tablespoons with one quart of lukewarm water, and you will just get yourself an all purpose cleaner that you will love using. Any surface that needs to get cleaned, like kitchen counters, the refrigerator and so on will get a nice gleam, once you are done, and you will not even have to spend money. You only need a spray bottle and a sponge, so you can quickly wipe any surface.


Baking soda is an ally when it comes to smelly footwear, as well. After I get my shoes off, I simply sprinkle some baking soda inside them – especially when I come home from the gym, and my shoes are most probably, terrible to smell – and then I leave them like this until I get to use them again. Just make sure to tap them a little, to make the baking soda fall, and you can wear them again, and there is absolutely no bad smell to worry about.


The garbage disposal is one thing in your home that tends to remain smelly and unpleasant, no matter how much you try to get rid of it. Here is a smart DIY tip that I use every day, so I don’t have to engage in some epic workload when it comes to cleaning the garbage disposal. I just throw a few lemon rinds in it and let the citrusy smell take care of everything. I rinse with cold water, and I get all the bad odors out, so I do not have to care about it again.


I use a lot of jugs, boxes, and baskets to keep things organized. I do not like clutter, but, on the other hands, there are all kinds of things I need to have close by, so it is not an option for me to just dispose of them. For the bathroom, I get baskets and jugs in sets so that I can keep all the hair care, body care, soap and so on, well organized. I just make sure to put every little thing back where it belongs after each use, and this way, I do not have to spend a lot of time de-cluttering.


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